2023 Memorial Football Match

After the success of the first Memorial Football Match held at St Neots town FC in 2022 it was decided that a second game would be held on Saturday 16th September 2023. This would have been Jacob’s 21st birthday and so it seemed a fitting day to remember him with a sport he loved so much.

This time the game was played at Eynesbury Rovers FC where Jacob had previously played.

Once again, we had a huge turn out of people with Jacob’s friends coming together to form two (rather large due to numbers!) teams.

You can see a gallery of the images taken on the day here.

An amazing £3,302 was raised for the Road Victims Trust and it was a wonderful day with many happy memories of Jacob shared.

Eynesbury Football Club were amazing hosts and our thanks go out to them for all the work they did to help make the day happen.

As with the 2022 game, there is a gallery where you can view images from the day.